Healthy Snacks and Energy Drinks with the Fit Picktm National Nutritional Guidelines Program.

The Robbins HealthyChoices Plus program is an opportunity to choose the most popular healthy snacks and energy drinks on the market today. With the National Fit Picktm Program our customers can select qualified snack products that are based on the American Heart Association's Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Guidelines for Competitive Foods.

Fit Picktm labels represent the most commonly selected criteria for adults: 35-10-35; (no more than 35% of total calories from fat; no more than 10% of calories from saturated fat; and no more than 35% of total product weight from sugar).

So, if your training for your next athletic event, trying to maintain your energy and fitness levels to match your active life style, or just looking for better snack and energy drink choices, our Healthy ChoicesPlus program is just right for you.

Imagine that! Great Brands. Huge selection. Fit Picktm Nutritional Guidelines. It's a great way to enjoy the best products all the time.

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